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CMX Connect events are for anyone and everyone who is building or managing a community, large or small, online or off, for business or pleasure. Connects fulfill the need for people involved in building, managing, and scaling community, to share actionable strategies and advice, and to build a supportive network. The best way to learn about community is to join one!

Here’s the process:

1 - Request to be an applicant by filling in the Application Form (link on the button below).

2 - You will then be sent an email with next steps

3 - Complete all of the steps

4 - Once completed, we will reach out to you to arrange a video conference interview via

5 - If your application is successful, we will then give you access to the training and Bevy back end system and tools. If your application is denied, we will let you know.

Connects fulfill the need for C2C professionals to share actionable strategies and advice, and to ask questions and network with each other.

To read more about CMX Connects, click here!

Do the right thing.

Nothing supersedes doing the right thing. Legally, morally, ethically, there is only one satisfactory answer to all problems and that is do the right thing. When the line is blurred and answers are unclear, we will treat people as we wish they would treat us.

Life is too short not to treat our customers, team members and the product with the respect and kindness our friends deserve. Treat customers with unmatched empathy because they are us and we are them.

Kindness and empathy.

Unrelenting work ethic.

Good old fashioned hard work beats intellect or experience every single day. All problems have a solution but hard problems require an unrelenting owner. We may not be the smartest people on earth but it will never be said that we were outworked.

As a remote and diverse team, world-class communication is the only way we work. Clear, concise, and thoughtful messaging no matter the occasion. Saying what's needed is often harder than saying what's easy.

Communicate like a legend.

Our Values

We are people that work to facilitate our lives. Taking care of ourselves, our family, our pets, and our responsibilities are critical to the company’s success. From the code we check-in, to the partnerships we build, to the people we hire, to the way we live and treat others, we are playing the long game.

Build a legacy.

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